Top Five Biggest Folk Music Festivals in the World – Well Worth a Visit

Folk festivals have been around for a long time, providing entertainment with top class singers and newcomers. One of the oldest in the UK is the Cambridge Folk Festival normally held in July. Since

Always Dedicated to the Fans!

Aside from their proclaimed love and passion for the great outdoors which hold the birthplace of their folk culture, the band members are completely dedicated to their fans. The appreciation of their fans means

What does the Future Hold?

The future looks bright for the family-run folk music band! All the members are confident that they shall maintain the current rate of performances and tours for many years to come. Besides that, they

A Visit to the Musical Studio

In the course of so many given years, in addition to creating numerous bonds with other artists and important musical celebrities, the band has also managed to create their own musical productions studio. Located

Our Performances in Color Images

The band’s website features a dedicated page where people can access images from their concerts, private performances, early history or even family snap-shots. The page is well structured and contains all the albums sorted

Contributing Bands and Frequented Organizations

As expected, when performing in the musical world, one gets to make a lot of acquaintances and so was the case with our family-run folk music band. Each year their contact list grew significantly

A Look at the Past Concerts and Events

The current members of the band have managed to register a phenomenal number of performances and their parents are more than proud of them. Continuing the initial passion for folk music and offering their

Early Beginnings – How it all Started

As we have mentioned above, among the first pages, it all started thanks to the father of the elder members of the family. In the following paragraphs we shall dwell even more on him

The Passion for Folk Music

The driving force which holds the band together and makes them sing and compose with such talent and devotion, is their strong passion for folk music. All the members of the family have it,