Jeneen Terrana

Jeneen Terrana

Sunday 7:00pm

October 5, 2014

Caberfeidh Productions is proud to announce that the first artist of this seasons concert series is Jeneen Terrana. A powerful performer with a fire and soul in her voice that comes from wisdom far beyond her years. She has been gaining national and international exposure touring the US and Europe. Jeneen’s music is like a fusion of pop, rock and folk with a feminine vulnerability. More about Jeneen at

Joining Jeneen on stage for this performance will be members of the Ocean Road Band. Widely known for their three-part harmonies, great musicianship and an entertaining blend of styles.
“Knock on Wood”
“I’m Yours”

The Scheiber Sisters will be opening for Jeneen Terrana. They have grown up singing & playing music together and have crafted their own sound, an acoustic folk/pop rock style, heavy on the harmonies.
“Keep it Together”