A Look at the Past Concerts and Events

The current members of the band have managed to register a phenomenal number of performances and their parents are more than proud of them. Continuing the initial passion for folk music and offering their cultural heritage to other people through their concerts, has meant a lot for them and their fans. Each year their popularity rose and their number of concerts during their tours increased significantly.

Their strategy for maintaining the concert tours each year is build on the foundation which their fans have laid out for them. The appreciation and constant cheering they receive from their fans all around the world is the another driving factor which keeps them going, beside the core concept of folk music passion.

Starting even back from when they just founded the band, the family members immediately decided to make tours and concerts, as they knew the degree of fulfillment they would achieve by spreading their beautiful folk music all over the world. Ever since they started their band, the family has held constant concerts
, at first in their local villages, towns and later on to different countries or continents altogether. Their fame grew instantly and the number of people who loved their folk music went off the charts in just a few years.

Holding more and more concerts every year, the band developed fans in each visited country and the number of bought records increased considerably. However, they never denied their true purpose of spreading the beautiful folk music and neconcertsver went for the money. With that in mind, almost all the funds raised from the concert ticket and sold albums went into charity work and they have started their own campaign for helping to reduce famine in the third world countries. All things aside, the take-home message here is the fact that their initial passion for folk music never diminished and that they kept true to it until today.