Always Dedicated to the Fans!

Aside from their proclaimed love and passion for the great outdoors which hold the birthplace of their folk culture, the band members are completely dedicated to their fans. The appreciation of their fans means more than anything to them and they are willing to do everything in their power to continue their quest for spreading the good vibes which their folk music offers. The love of their fans for their music always gives them great fulfillment and this, together with their never-ending passion for folk music, has always kept them going on step further.

On the company’s website fans will find a dedicated page where, as opposed to other cases, the Dedicated to the Fansband shows its appreciation for its fans, which is rather rare these days. The band members have all written testimonials in which they praise their fans and they have replied to as many appreciation letters as possible and they¬†still do so. Everyone is welcome on their website and, more than that, everyone is welcome to visit them at their mansion or studio in the countryside. All what fans need to do is to use the contact form and schedule an appointment and the band members will gladly receive them to their establishment, in order to exchange some thoughts.

Finally, all of the family members wish to thank all their fans and dedicated supporters for the constant appreciation, genuine devotion and love which they have showed over the last years. These have all helped the band grown and continue to make wonderful folk music for its fans. The band members salute all the fans around the world and thank them for their interest given in visiting their page or listening their albums, as their appreciation will not pass by unnoticed and they shall always have a place in their hearts.