Contributing Bands and Frequented Organizations

As expected, when performing in the musical world, one gets to make a lot of acquaintances and so was the case with our family-run folk music band. Each year their contact list grew significantly and they have managed to attract numerous other artists which developed an interest in their work. Ranging from all musical genre, they made friends with some of the world’s most famous musicians and people will be able to find on this dedicated page a lot of contacts and testimonials of the aforementioned artists.

In addition to making numerous contacts and tying bonds with a lot of artists and important personalities from the musical world, our folk band also started frequenting numpromotederous organizations that promoted the folk culture and all the relevant aspects which this domain entails. It didn’t take long for them to be remarked within those organizations and soon, they started their own organization for promoting cultural earnings which are derived from the folk music. All their linking connections, list of organizations and their respective members are also presented on the same page where the fellow bands are mentioned.

During recent years, due to a great number of purposeful connections, the band has adopted temporary members for some of their representations and concerts. These include artists from well renowned folk and rock bands which have decided to take part in the cultural movement that the family-run band initiated. Making friendships has certainly paid off and currently the band holds connections with more than 20 temporary contributing artists which join them when they held bigger performances. All the contacts of their contributing artists are also available on the frequented organizations page and people are able to view direct contact numbers and emails for most of them, due to the transparent policy which the family-run folk band has entailed.