Early Beginnings – How it all Started

As we have mentioned above, among the first pages, it all started thanks to the father of the elder members of the family. In the following paragraphs we shall dwell even more on him and how he managed to make his children and his children’s children, love and appreciate the folk music so much, that they ended up making their own band.

Their great-great- grandfather was raised in a family with a long-standing tradition for the great outdoors and the cultural heritage the village life brought with it. He was always present at the cultural gatherings, dancing and playing various traditional instruments and in time, him, just like his children, also grew a strong passion for folk music.

When he was still unmarried, he was constantly playing songs and went on small musical rehearsals with the village’s folk bands, gradually beginning to get better and better at this. Luckily, his wife also loved folk music and together they became one of the most famous duos from their countryside. Always rehearsing and practicing new songs and dances, he later on became a music teacher in his village and afterwards decided to teach and give his passion for folk music, to his newly-born children.

Without knowing that his children and nephews will, years later, found their own family-run folk family-run folk music bandmusic band, he initiated them in the secrets of folk music, solely from his passion and devotion for the cultural value which that music had for him. Considering himself as just a passionate bloke who lived for his family and folk music, he always taught his children to maintain a modes attitude and always play folk music for what it has inside of it – cultural heritage and earnings, not for the potential outcomes that a musical career could bring them. Years later, his nephews are learning the great mystery of folk music and their parents are constantly holding concerts and auditions.