Family-Run Folk Music Band

In the following paragraphs you will find details about the family which founded the band and a short summary about their history.

Meet the wonderful family-founded folk music band which is driven by the passion for the folk music and is responsible for all the beautiful concerts the fans have witnessed so far. It all started long ago, during the teenage years of the family’s elders, which are now celebrating their 70th birthdays.

Back in the days when they were just kids and were starting to play various musical instruments, their father started giving them records of folk music to listen to. Gradually, their interest grew and eventually they ended-up composing and playing their own folk pieces. After their children grew, they also started to teach them the beauty of the folk music and step-by-step, the passion went on, until their children were also playing folk music.

Right when they were eligible to go to school, their parents sent them to the arts school where they started learning the musical arts and expanded their horizons. As they grew, their interest in folk music also increased and they decided to start the folk band. Slowly but steady, they started performing private auditions for their friends, other families or just neighbors and eventually decided to go for bigger audiences.

Needless to say, as their concerts became more and more frequent, so did their popularity rise and before anyone knew, they were already going on national concerts, tours and numerous gatherings. From here on, there wasn’t so much time until they founded their own folk music productions studio and started composing at a new level.

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