Our Performances in Color Images

The band’s website features a dedicated page where people can access images from their concerts, private performances, early history or even family snap-shots. The page is well structured and contains all the albums sorted according to the time period which they portray. Although the band was formed quite some time ago, it is only in recent years that the photographic documenting has taken greater proportions.

Therefore, the band apologizes for providing a limited number of photographs from their early days and invites users to admire their photographs taken at their countryside mansion, where all the family is rejoiced and all the band members are present.

People will be able to see the evolution of the band in colorful images, starting from the time when the elders of the family first set musical instruments into the hands of the current band mefolk-music instrumentsmbers, up until today, when the current members are teaching their children how to play the various musical instruments. All the photographs can be downloaded and people can keep them for personal purposes only, no commercial licensing is available and no selling or distribution is allowed.

When browsing through the albums which present the band members in their different concerts and representations, one can’t help but notice the genuine passion for folk music that can be read on their merry faces, on almost every occasion. When looking back upon the years which have passed, the band members themselves recollect with joyful tears the lived moments and all the great concerts and audiences they had in their past. Once again, the band members encourage everyone to view their albums and understand their passion for folk music, or just admire their performances, as these photographs are the standing proof of the band’s endless devotion for folk music and all that it involves.