The Passion for Folk Music

The driving force which holds the band together and makes them sing and compose with such talent and devotion, is their strong passion for folk music. All the members of the family have it, even the little children. It all originates from their grandparents, which, when were about their age, got into the folk music thanks to their father. Since their passion is their inner force when it comes to their music, it’s pointless to say that without it they wouldn’t have gotten this far. Step-by-step, their interest for folk music grew, and in no time they started composing and playing, with great talent, their own musical pieces.

Having lived most of their lives in the countryside, all the members of the band are well accustomefolk music constituted to the traditions and local culture which constitute the folk music. Their never-ending passion for nature and picturesque ruralĀ areas had a tremendous contribution in shaping their musical passion and the life choices they took so far. When asked in numerous interviews, they always answered truthfully about the origin of their passion for folk music and mentioned their rural ancestry and the great time they have spent in the great outdoors.

Although it is their great-great-grandfather that gave them the initial contact with folk music, the passion grew constantly and they developed their own love for folk music ever since they were teenagers. To these days, they still refer to their music as their gateway to their origins and the calmness and peacefulness which their home places hold. The children of the elders of the family and their children as well, have all inherited this deep passion for folk music and the family is pretty certain that this love and devotion for folk music shall be passed-on from generation to generation, for many years to come.