Top Five Biggest Folk Music Festivals in the World – Well Worth a Visit

Folk festivals have been around for a long time, providing entertainment with top class singers and newcomers. One of the oldest in the UK is the Cambridge Folk Festival normally held in July. Since its conception in 1964 it has grown from strength to strength and is considered the best festival in Europe, offering a wide ranging selection of music, catering to all aspects of folk music. Staying in Britain another popular festival is the ‘Folk By The Oak’ festival. Started in 2008 it still pulls in large crowds to listen to the excellent musicians or to attend the workshops that are there. The stalls are also a good attraction.

shutterstock_298767065Montana to Australia

In July each year, the Montana Folk Festival has been delighting crowds with music and cuisine found throughout the United States. The festival is held in Butte and always showcases the very best traditional artists. Another excellent folk festival is the National Folk Festival, an Australian family-oriented celebration held in Canberra. It’s attended by roughly 50,000 people or more. Taking place every Easter, it features more than 20 stages with world-class artists to keep you highly entertained – that’s when you’re not busy with exciting workshops, crafts and food tables. You may want to check out blog about festivals for information on many such festivals.

The Hills are Alive…

Scandinavia’s largest folk festival is a Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, lasting 7 days. It attracts some , 40,000 visitors each year. There is plenty of activities for the whole family, with crafts, workshops, stories, a folk music competition, and of course the music. This is the oldest and biggest folk music festival in Finland and it started in the year 1968. All lovers of folk music and dance unite to make it one very extraordinary event. Adding to its charm is its lovely setting, in the beautiful rural surroundings of Kaustinen, bringing the surroundings alive with music.