What does the Future Hold?

The future looks bright for the family-run folk music band! All the members are confident that they shall maintain the current rate of performances and tours for many years to come. Besides that, they know that their children will most certainly also embrace the same path and they will perpetuate the promoting of folk music for the greater purpose of spreading the cultural heritage. All the fans are always eager to listen to new albums and take part in new concerts or performances and this is one of the guarantees which the band has, when thoughts about future plans come in mind.

The children of the current band members are one of the key factors which will help in maintaining the future of the bandthe future of the band. It is up to them to still have the necessary passion for folk music which will determine them to perform folk music for the rest of their lives. However, for the time being, the band members do not worry for the future of the band, as their fans are always requesting more albums and more concerts or performances. So is with their children, which are starting to get more and more passionate about folk music and all the wonderful things it can bring them.

Some future plans are offered on this dedicated page and the band members have each contributed with their own ideas, creating a kind of “bucket list” for the band, which the public can view and even access in order to edit with suggestions. When asked in multiple interviews about their future plans, the band members always invoked their slogan for the underlying passion for folk music as the leading factor which will decide the band’s future. Considering by the way things have turned out so far, there isn’t much that can go wrong in the future of this wonderful folk music band.